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How to Download Youtube Videos

On, User can Download any Youtube Video without any hassle. In this Site, 720P, 360P, 240P, and 144P are the available Output Video Formats. so the user can expect the desired video format to access the media files on different devices. Besides file formats, no extra time than just a Single Click for Processing the download task. Moreover,  there is no involvement of third party software . And Thus no Spam links attached to the output file.
Now Before we learn how to Download Youtube Videos, let’s know about the output video formats

Supported Media Formats for Output:

720P: This Video Format is Compatible with all the devices that fit with the resolution of 1280×720.
360P: Devices that has display screen of 480×360 can view the Perfect View of Video Files
240P352×240 is the resolution size fits with the 240 Pixels Video downloaded from youtube
144P: The least and Less preferred size is 256×144, fits in devices with the lowest display resolution.

How to Download Youtube Videos:


Coming to the downloading process:
we have two methods to download :-
First is On-Site and Next is Off-site.
Check brief Overview of this two download methods below:
Method-1:( On-Site )
ON-Site Download Process is a Simple and Fastest to get the output on the Same webpage. To execute no new tabs required.
Step-1: Search for your favourite video on and open it.
Step-2: On the Url, add two Letters “dz” before “.com” ( Youtube’ here’.com) then click on “Enter”
Step-3: Our site will load and display your Desired Video on it along with Options of File Formats.
Step-4:  Click on your Specific File Format, & done!. Video start downloading in few seconds
Method-2:( Off-Site)
If the Above process gets an Error, you can go with Off-Site download Process. To save the video follow the below process
Step-1: Browse the Youtube video you wish to download and Copy the Complete Video URL
Step-2: Open and Paste the Video Link in the Address box. Now Click “Enter”
Step-3: Check the Video Preview along File Format options will be displayed at the end of video
Step-4: Click on desired File Format to download the video in no time.
These two Methods are the best and only way to get the Videos on our Youtube Video Downloader.
After every video download, user can start another task by clicking on  Download Another video. And within in glimpse our Video Downloader tool is ready to accept your input

Where to check the Downloaded file:

Videos downloaded on are gets saved in the default downloads Folder of the PC. To have a Quick look, open Downloads in your browser (Ctrl+J in Chrome) and click on “Show in Folder”. Then you will find the Default Folder with the downloaded item.
  1. If a Video is not showing your desired file format. And It may be due to the file uploaded in the Youtube with some defined format.
  1. Every Video has its own file Storage Space. Thus memory size may exceed than expected.

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